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Spade & Root Saw


Spade with integrated saw teeth for digging and cutting through soil and roots
With V-shaped blade for easy ground penetration
Energy-saving and ergonomically shaped
Including step edge for the feet
The shovel is 114cm long

Use your power effectively and make gardening more fun and easier with the GARVIDA garden shovel. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and the V-shaped blade, the resistance is reduced and you can apply force in a targeted manner. The o-shaped handle offers a wide gripping surface so that the shovel lies comfortably in the hand. The spade has a steel blade, which makes the shovel robust and unbreakable.

The ultra-sharp saw teeth ensure that the shovel goes even more easily and deeper into the earth. It doesn’t matter if the soil is loose or has roots – the saw teeth of the spade and root saw make it easy to cut through roots, loosen the soil and dig things up. With these bats you have complete garden tools at home for various garden activities. No job is too difficult with the GARVIDA Spade & Root Saw.

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