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Muscle Massage Gun


The Muscle Massage Gun is a massage device that helps you to massage your muscles yourself and ensures optimal relaxation so that your muscles will recover faster. With the massage device, you stimulate the blood circulation in your muscles and loosen your muscles. This shortens the recovery time of your muscles, resulting in less muscle pain.

Suitable for everybody
The massage gun can be used all over the body. The device is not only suitable for athletes but can be used by anyone who likes to give themselves a massage. The device has 3-speed settings from 1400 to a maximum of 3200 revolutions per minute. Adjust the massage force yourself to the desired speed. Thanks to the 6 included headpieces you can easily massage all different body parts and muscle groups in a targeted manner.

  • 6 different attachments for different massages,
  • Powerful motor with 3-speed settings up to 3200 RPM,
  • Improves the blood circulation in your muscles,
  • Relaxes your muscles and ensures faster recovery,
  • Easy to use,
  • 2600W battery capacity

Easy to use
Thanks to the powerful battery, the device can be used for up to 3 hours, depending on the massage speed you use. The massage device has 3 speeds and 20 preset programs. This is easy to select thanks to the digital display, where you can also see the remaining battery power. Thanks to the supplied storage box you can easily take the massage gun with you everywhere.

  • Flat: a firm massage suitable for large muscle groups and the whole body.
  • Tower: Suitable for the whole body.
  • Cone: perfect for joints, knots, trigger points, and deep tissue.
  • U-fork: Ideal for the spine, calves, feet, and your neck.
  • Round large: suitable for the whole body.
  • Round small: suitable for joints and the whole body
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