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Foot Operated Log Splitter


Safe: no need to heft a sharp axe – safe, quick and quiet

Easy to use: uncomplicated operation with non-slip feet and height adjuster

Strong: powerful foot-powered machine splits wood easily and efficiently

Low maintenance: just lubricate moving parts with anti-rust machine oil

Guaranteed for 12 months

No more wielding a sharp, heavy axe, this foot-operated log splitter is quick, quiet, safe and easy to use. It’s a great – and cost-effective – alternative to hydraulic log splitters and just requires a few foot pumps to split a log. Saving time and effort, this log splitter will revolutionise a potentially dangerous and often arduous job.

You can use the foot-operated log splitter to split both seasoned and green wood logs to a maximum log size of 45.7cm in length and 25.4cm diameter. With its one-footed operation and streamlined, maintenance-free construction, the log splitter will help you keep your woodpile well stocked for many years. Just adjust the foot pedal to at least 33cm and push down with your foot with firm pressure. You may need to pump three or four times to split certain logs.

Incredibly, each pump on the foot pedal exerts 1.2 tons of pressure without you having to lift a finger! No upper body strength is required. Supplied ready assembled, the log splitter doesn’t require any fuel or electricity and thanks to its clever construction, it folds down for easy storage. Made from powder-coated, heavy-duty steel, the log splitter also features a handy safety clip for when it’s folded and not in use. Guaranteed for 12 months.

Dimensions: L83 x W27 x H23cm
Weight: 9.45kg
Cutting capacity: D25.4 x L45.7cm

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