• Adjustable; Choose from either fine or coarsely crushed ice


    • Versatile; Great for making slushies, cocktails, iced coffee and smoothies


    • Large capacity; 1.1-litre capacity jug; perfect for large jugs of your favourite cold drink


    • Stirs your drinks; The slushy maker is designed to constantly stir the ice just like a commercial slushy machine


    • Easy to clean; Removable parts make for quick and easy cleaning


    • Guarantee; 12-month guarantee


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Cooks Professional Slushy Maker

Crush ice quickly and make your favourite iced drink in minutes, from slushies to iced cocktails, this Slushy Maker from Cooks Professional will help you perfect the drinks you love.


Simply choose whether you want your ice to be finely or coarsely crushed, fill the top compartment with ice and let the machine do the hard work for you. Once the ice falls into the jug, the built-in stirrer will keep the ice moving.

Top tip – pop your ingredients in the jug before crushing ice, the handy measuring guides will show you how much liquid you need to the amount of ice, then lock the jug in and let the built-in stirrer mix your drinks up as the ice crushes directly into the drink. Or alternatively you can crush the ice into the large 1.1 litre jug and then add to individual drinks.

Safety Features

To ensure that the machine is safe, the jug locks into position under the ice crusher so it can’t be moved whilst being used. The transparent lid of the ice compartment also acts as a safety measure as the machine will automatically start once it’s locked into position.

The ingenious slushy maker, in its stylish red design, will look great in any kitchen and you can impress your family and friends with all the different drink concoctions you create.


Dimensions: L19 x W22 x H31cm
Weight: 1.7kg
Power cord length: 80cm
220-240 V AC
50/60 HZ

Weight 10 kg
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